Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big Adventure in Little City

So now that I've gotten that Jackie Chan sounding title out of the way, ill get to the story.

So the plan was to play tunes and Skype untill the sun began to set, get on a city bus and take it round trip, to see the city. Soon i was wandering around the medschool looking for the South bus. Things seemed to look a little different now that it was dark and I ended up spending a decent amount of time wandering outside of the medschool. I was thrilled with that though, it worked out perfect, Saw all of the buildings from a different road which look alot prettier than the normal view. Ended up in a cove within the medschool with some very pretty locked doors, and then when i broke out of it and found the stop, the hospital helicopter was taking off (it was dark now) and it was soo coool! Snagged a video on the phone. It wasn't long untill i was hopping on the 935 bus, but before that i met a guy that was shot 4 times! The initial bus ride was awesome! It had layered rows and I got on a seat near the back which sat alot higher than the rest, to get a better view. Okay well now im going to start telling the story from someone who has already finished the trip and understands what the heck happened. At the Monroe stop the bus driver got out and got into a car that was sitting there as we pulled up. She was in that parked car for 10 minutes untill a cop walked up. I have no clue what was said, but 5 minutes later the bus rejoined its course. Soon we were driving through downtown, tall buildings, lots of lights, it was gorgeous. When we got to the downtown stop some people were exchanged and then a bus driver got on. He spoke with her for around five minutes, in what seemed to be a heated conversation. Then we headed north of the city. Lots of new unseen buildings, The beer factory from a new side, and this is where most of the people on the bus requested stops. After every one else got off, she ended up pulling into a Wegmans parking lot, behind a parked bus, announcing this is the last stop, Soon I was questioning her how this was the last stop and not a round trip back to the hospital. She said "no it doesn't work like that" and eventually just gave "whatever" as an answer. Im guessing that talk with the other bus driver may have gotten her angry. Well I got off into this unknown area and looked around noticing there was a bus stop sign. None of the routes on the sign were for south. Instead of getting stressed out I decided there were worse places to get stranded and decided to make a trip into the Wegmans, a local grocery store. There I got some delicious Mango Slices, which helped cool me down and ended up carrying me to the end of the trip. After wandering around the store and doing some munchin. Headed back to the bus stop and met a new bus driver. I asked him if he knew where I was and told him how I became stranded. We chatted for a bit and he said he was headed downtown, where i could get on another bus to go to strong. I sat on the front seat and we talked for a good bit of the bus ride, he told me alot about Rochester and that his hometown was actually very close to my own. After seeing a completely new area of the town and how freakin cool the handicapped lift for a bus is, we made it downtown. I got on the 19 like the previous bus driver instructed, but this time I made sure we were headed to Strong Hospital, He said we were headed to Strong, but that itll be a while since it goes through the University. I was exuberant! The bus ended up taking me within 2 minutes of the dorm i stay in. It was awesome!


  1. Dude it sounds like you had a great night! I guess the mangos really helped out. Keep up whe awesome science stuff! LEEEEEAGUE!!




  3. i dont know why its saying im "califano"